The has been serving San Diego County as a premier mobile detailer for over 10 years. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service and satisfaction .
These are a few of the service we offer:

  • Mobile Detailing
  • Clay Fallout Removal
  • Wax and clear-coat treatments
  • Interior Detailing
  • Leather Treatments
  • Carpet and upholstery steam cleaning

Detailing an automobile is an art that takes a tremendous amount of talent, hard work, time and patience to perform. I hope to educate the consumer on what auto detailing truly is and what to expect when you ask to have your personal vehicle professionally detailed.

Unfortunately, the detailing industry is unregulated and anyone who decides to get into the detailing business has every right to do so. Many detailers today have not been properly trained  and certified in the art of detailing and could end up creating a nightmare for you and your automobile.The horror stories I have heard are countless and all too common.

Over the years the use of the word “Detailing” has been over exaggerated as a marketing scam to lure the unsuspecting consumer into thinking they just had their vehicle “Professionally Detailed” when in fact they just paid a very high premium for nothing more then an elaborate car wash…. It is difficult to watch the art of detailing being sold off as a fake or substitute to an OK hand wash or wax job.

Detailing actually originated from high end car show events. The owners of fine automobiles would have a detailed final clean up and polish just hours before a car show would begin. The detail & professional detailer were conceived here and was considered a major factor to the final outcome at any car show event.These “Professional Detailers” offered all automobile owners the option of a professionally detailed vehicle…

The professional detailers job is to do the things that most people are unfamiliar with and would not do themselves, offering automobile owners and their vehicles a tremendous service. A professional detailer knows just what to do to pull the luster out of a paint finish and make the interior look good as new. It is also the detailers job to add protection to several components throughout the interior and exterior of each vehicle. Believe it or not, no two vehicles are alike when a professional detailer gets handed a project because everyone maintains and uses vehicles differently.

A professional detailers will evaluate and price each vehicle separately and accordingly, depending on the condition of the vehicle. The detailer will consider the condition of exterior paint and trim, but will also be paying special attention to the interior of each vehicle, rubber seals and the engine compartment. A professional detailer will consider your vehicle from top to bottom, front to rear, every nook/cranny and every button/knob… You should recieve a complete written evaluation along with recommendations on how the vehicle will be treated to give you maximum results for your money.

It is very important for you to choose wisely before letting just anyone start detailing your automobile, especially when it comes to the use of chemicals, paint finishes, proper detailing tools & equipment and the use of high/low speed polishers.

You may be paying a detailer as low as $50.00 to detail your car when, in fact, it may end up costing you thousands to have your car repainted or have the interior plastic, leather or vinyl trim replaced. The electrical system maybe need to be rebuilt due to wrong use of chemicals, lack of experience or knowledge on how to properly perform and execute the correct method of detailing any one specific automobile. The requirements in detailing can vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacture and automobile to automobile…

You have made a huge investment in your automobile and the detailer understands, we want to protect your investment. We will everything we can to help you protect that investment and keep it looking great for years to come… Feel free to contact the owner Dave Takanashi at anytime with any questions or concerns about your automobile. We have been serving San Diego with premium auto detailing service for over 10 years. Please let us know how we can help you.

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